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At the end of it


To you I was led by an unknown worship,
Bond with you through my prayer
You are not a dream as it may seem,
 God almighty for my worships, care.

My worship has with it
all the love, my devotion and the soul.
We two beads bond together by the feat,
You are the person, my worship and my goal.

The magicians' gift to my devotion,
Colours spilling magic all around.
It is you who is chosen,
It is you whom I have found.

28 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. well written..... awesumly defined...

  2. Very well written.....Nice one Anirban :)

  3. As I said favourite writer...I love it..shows what a sensitive person you really are.

  4. truly well written...and well felt (if there is any such expression, anyway, u get my point i hope!).
    simple rhyme and beautifully woven feelings! sometimes some things are worth expressing, like the feelings that run through this poem!

  5. I was watching a TED video on "habits of happiness" when i received this link...the narrator in the video at one part said "you cannot with the same hand shake hands and give a blow"
    the poetry right when i was listening to some inspiring speech from a Buddhist monk made my soul even elated...such peace...such love...

  6. amzing way to say something that a lot of people have said before. some even say-"tujh mein rab dikhta hai" without an intention to trivialize the touching piece, i ask. is it really feasible 2 make the person u love, ur god? coz there is always a distance between god n his sons.... but a lover is closer.. :)

  7. @anonymous @alpana @abhishek thank you.
    @sayani thank you
    @sumana di, such peace.. such love... such shanti to me ;)
    @amartya I guess, if you are a true devotee, She is the nearest person to you.. and lols, did even think of "tujh mein rab dikhta hain" while writing this! At some point, your love merges with your worship... when you start actually worshipping a person, then you know you can spent your entire life time with him/her.

  8. @Anirban.."your love merges with your worship" surprise me,amaze can someone so young have thought like this...
    @Amartya..I have learnt something very important from you young..and yet with matured have got me thinking..analyzing myself...Guys like you are still around...makes me happy..remain as you prayers and good wishes are always with you.

  9. @alpana.... "so young"!!I am atleast elder to souvick! :( #jaata

  10. If love really could be expressed in words..this is how it is done!!!!! Awesome!! :)

  11. @Anirban Saha ...older than him..younger than me.

  12. Nirmalya SenguptaFebruary 20, 2011 1:42 PM

    hey bro... awsome one.... :)

    love nd worship goes hand in hand as we know.... nd u brought them together in ur words... love it :)

  13. Well written,expresed n rhymed :)

  14. lovely!!!...a complte package of pure n transparent feelings

  15. beautifuly written.....lovely meaning!!!

  16. you rock : ) - no bangla band now

  17. simply amazing ... love is God, love is the ultimate miracle woven in a magical way...the writing reflects it all.. wonderful..

  18. Well done.. simple yet meaningful.. Didnt know you could write poems.. talent is flowing in your veins..

  19. Wow..wonderful :)

  20. well composed :)

  21. hmmm .. expressive n impressive

  22. beautifuly is itself a great worship by god...
    you are an excelent writer,really i mean it,so,keep it up...super like....

  23. @all thank you... for your appreciation
    @harshit you need to watch out for more bro!
    @simlee thank you..

  24. hmmm .. expressive n impressive

  25. Asadharon......kono kotha hobe na....bepok.


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