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Why a costly smile?

Dated 30th December, '09

Laziness ?? Is that it?? I will rather call it… a moment to think about yourself.. a moment to think about whats happening around you.. a silent date with yourself

Sitting beside the window of my room.. I can see a woman totally covered with a brownish shawl on the roof of the adjacent building…I can hear a metallic sound , dunno from what the sound is coming from…. I can feel the silent breeze tenderly touching me….

There’s a little sapling trying to show its face from under the ‘siltech water tank’ on the adjacent roof…its fighting hard for its existence in this material world…

A crow diving from the roof without the fear of falling….

"A sketch by me!"

We, the people… we have so many things… a house to stay inside… cloths to cover us… tv’s to watch .. phones to talk… & many more… but ‘they’ freeze in the cold.. they dont have tv’s to watch…not phones to talk.. but still there’s no sign of sorrow in there face… how can they be happy??

“Happiness lies in the way you want to see it”.. my date with myself left me with a smile in the face… I think i’m happy!! What about you?

[N.B- This is a page from my diary which I wanted to share with all of you]

5 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. No matter what material things we have in our lives, or don't have, we make our own happiness. It is what we perceive to make us happy that matters, not the material objects. I know many people who have very little and are very happy, and then I know others that have anything you could ever dream of and they are miserable.

  2. Eh bhai... slowly now a writer huh? feels great to see you write. Am a proud dada!

  3. Very true words. Happiness is a state of mind. We all have different aspirations and goals that we set for ourselves. What makes me feel happiness will probably not make the next person happy. "One man's trash is another man's treasure"-Tom Zart.

  4. @Mary- Yes, that is what we should be. Aim for more but be happy with what you get.

    @Anirban da- Thank you. This was written by me long back.

    @doubler702- Thanks.. :)

  5. seems asif i've read it before?! :O


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