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Metropolis, oh, what a bliss!
Those ‘neon’ flashes
are promises
of dreams dreamt
and aspirations achieved.

Yet, before you dare,
  A ‘lot’ happens ‘undercover’,
 you could be devoured by ‘insatiable’ hunger.

A multiplicity no doubt,
 breathtaking  cityscape
that makes you ‘gape’,
where millions throng
with hopes clung.
Yet, again,
Beauty is but skin deep,
Cut throat policy  and duplicity
Is behind that plasticity.

You’ll be intrigued
by  games  people play
in million ways
only to get you out of way!

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  1. Welcome to WE HAVE A STORY....excellent post,Sunita..

  2. Welcome to We Have a Story Sunita........nice start with a beautiful poem :D

  3. Heartfelt thanks to dear Alpana for this platform, support, encouragement and love.
    @ Sailor. Satwinder and Abhisek, thank you, your wors of encouragement and appreciation means loads to me especially at this moment.

    Big thank you everyone, lets keep our creative juices flowing:)


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