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Washed Ashore

Whispers romance the moonlight,
you make love through the night
Beads of sweat cool in the breeze,
meandering the gaps of embraces tight

Beads of sweat cool in the breeze,
roving hands naught to cease
Sweet sighs of the sensual lips,
tug, nibble, fumble and tease

Sweet sighs of the sensual lips,
a coming closer of the hips
The mind blows, bowls,
body shudders and my heart flips.

Copyright @Sandy

5 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. lust grows more madder and inflamed while enjoying , each of your lines are on fire.

  2. WOW!!! Hot, hot, hotter! I loved every line.

  3. @Mari @Rimly @fantacy - Thank you for the hot comments :)


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