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Last night I couldn't sleep
Because of the dreams
Dreams of the things we would do
Couldn't get you out of my mind
Couldn't stop imagining your touch
Couldn't sleep because of your lips
Lips that would kiss me
And caress my every inch
Deep in thought all alone 
You drift into my dreams. 
Wishing I could see you

Just to gaze into your eyes
Fills me with desire 
Into blue depths your soul 
Stokes my passionate fire 
Making me wanton
Driving me wild
Merging with words
My emotions start to whimper
Visions of kisses
Of your hands
Find their way into my mind
As sweet rapture spreads
Delicious heat to every needy place
The fantasies we dream 
Find life in a written word 
Upon a warm soft breeze 
Our whispers surely heard
Deep in thought all alone 
I drift into our fantasy 
Where fiery desires dwell 
And wait for you and me
It's like the heat of the sun burns yourself into my mind
Giving life to me
And setting me free
Thirst quenched by two being in love
This has to be sent from above
Loosing all senses, the desire takes control
The breath of yours serves me pleasure unknown
I want this to be forever etched in my mind and soul
You are my breath, my soul
I just can’t wait to be with you 
I don't want to ever let go

Alpana Jaiswal
Labels: Night, soul, fire, kisses, desire
Photographs: Courtesy Melissa’s Facebook Album

19 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. wonderful! just wonderful! every time you post you put up so much love and concern..............MAGNETIC CHARM.

  2. God gave us two ears to hear, two eyes to see and two hands to hold. But why did God give us only one heart? Because he wants us to find the other one.You found the other one Melissa and now it's time to keep it with you forever.Love is all that we need to survive.Everything else is a show.Beautifuly written Alpana and dedicated to a nice couple.May their love always grow with time and they find the ultimate pleasure in Love.May God bless the couple with the best of his offerings.Lovely poem Alpana. :D

  3. wow... my heart feels so alive whenever we talk of sam... geez... it has been two years and it's just like seeing him for the first time everyday... soul sis... you started with the exact word that connects us both, "dreams"... we hope to realize them soon :P...

    THANKS SOOOOO MUCH... you made me so happy :D

  4. Alpana,
    Such a beautiful poem full of love. Your heart and soul goes into every word.

  5. Lovely post from Lovely Alpana.


  6. Alpana, you are very sweet and it shows in your writing. By reading this poem, I know exactly how you feel. Great work once again.

  7. ~~~~Love is in the air~~~~ Lovely poem, lovely couple and lovely souls~~~~ Blessings to both you...:)

  8. This is beautiful...a tribute to those in love have ..and you have done your best..

  9. Very well written.

  10. I guess it feels great to be in love..wishing you both a lot of happiness,and Alpu rock...

  11. Very well done..its good to see you,back in action.

  12. you are amazing,this is so has to be in love to feel like this..and I guess you are..

  13. What a beautiful expression of love. Thank you for sharing:)

  14. Major GOOSE BUMPS! very passionately erotic. RESPECT!!!
    Love n Hugs

  15. What a beautiful love poem for Melissa and Sam. Really loved it Alpana


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