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Stay For Our Son

Crimson seas
Flowing deeper into the folds,
Talking to us,
Narrating stories untold.
Of how the children
Split and ran away,
Came back the same way,
And fell apart again.

There comes a new child!
A poor, lonely, lost soul.
"Where do you quietly wander?
Won't you get down from that foal?
Cause I will give you food, love
And so much more.
Your heart will never feel
It's in the hands of a boor."

"I know what you feel.
For I have felt lonelier.
So be with me.
And we shall then feel each other.
Make love, sir.
So much we'd never before
Imagined we'd ever.
So much that the faded roses
Never dare to turn redder."

You did come. Yes, you came!
Foolish me.
I thought you were here to stay.
A decade later, you flew away,
When half my life- inside you,
And the other half- inside the boy you gave.
Not for me,
But for our babe, please stay.
Alas, the other woman was better.
And times had changed.
I was no more needed.

Back to the beginning,
I'm all alone again.
But not fully,
Because a piece of you still remains with me.
But I don't see why I should live
In a world where you no more exist.
Earth will not miss me.
I know.
And Destiny shall take care
Of the Son you didn't stay together for.

6 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. WoW what a poem Anushka...but from where such thoughts came to your mind?...definitely it's a really awesome poem...but I am afraid of such thoughts coming to your mind in this age.Anywayz just keep writing :D

  2. I agree with Abhisek.. I hope you have a vivid imagination..and I loved reading it. The sadness was palpable but I had to keep reading

  3. Scared? I'm not suicidal..I think. :P Haha.
    Thank you, 'Shek and Jim!

  4. after reading, made me feel very sentimental.

  5. Your words touched my heart and caused an ache in it. You possess a gift with words!! Take care!!

  6. Lovely poem. I read it as from a lonely women who is not bitter but wishes her life had played out differently with her love. Keep writing!


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