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Without water this world seems exterminate,
No chirpy rain that makes heart feel cherish,
No pearl gleam of dew that drench the petals of flower,
No fragrance of wet soil that pleases to our soul and makes us feel the inner- peace.
Without water this world seems to be charmless..
No greenery that makes us feel imaginative and fresh,
No oceans that makes us feel the deepness,
No rivers that makes us feel the purity,
Without water this world seems to be non- existing..
No land that makes our lives stable,
No meadow on which we love to lay down,
No shower of rain that makes sensation of sensuous more joyful,
No rainbow that makes us feel colourful,
No cold winds that blows and makes us feel something special,
Without water this world seems pathetic,
No snow,no buildings,no drizzle,no drift,no clouds, no birds,no existence,no downpour,no feeling of love..
Without water this world seems of dearth of every one's life.
Without water this world seems perish.

Quote-''When the well is dry, we know the worth of water''.

In the last I  want to say that it is the essence of life. Without water existence is not possible so preserve it.

8 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Welcome to WE HAVE A instincts are rarely wrong..I saw a writer in you..keep on writing..loved this one.

  2. @ Alapana
    Thank You so much for all your love and appreciation ..
    Grateful to you :)

    Take care ..!

  3. Welcome Simmy.. :) I knew you have it in you... :)

  4. @ Sumit
    Thank you so much :)

  5. An excellent way to start Simran.....Love the last line you wrote.....hope everyone understands the value of water and nature :D

  6. @ Abhishek
    Glad that you liked it :)
    Hoping the same ..
    Thank You ..


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