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Death Lullaby

A year back were the thrills, the beers,
The laughing and coming near.
The year now is the screaming and tears,
Those pills and fears.
They come and haunt while darkness leers.
All that joy, turned taunts and jeers.

Click! The lamps click on.
The streets glow, playing a golden song.
She, her sullen shadow lingers till dawn.
Walks and walks, around the lawn.
Little Soul, why are you so lone?
A pretty child that is ruined, that cries.

Mistakes she makes, on her geometrical ways.
She trods a while, stares at the broken sky,
Where the eaten clouds around the half-moon lie.
Her black, dark brows, her hair, her eyes,
All mingled with the scene that try,
Try to please her with floating memories.

Her pride that broke, since then in pain.
Her heart, he slain,
Her family looks at her with disdain.
She knows not why it happens.
These thoughts feel faint,
Cause once she was alive, with a loving life.

What does she do? She's lost, hopeless.
The world is a tyrant, she cannot face.
A sadist, that keeps her never safe.
She's the victim and she chooses to end.
A pretty soul and an overdose of pills race
Her beating then weaken the pace.

She lies face down,
Whilst a Death lullaby croons.
She will never see a morn,
A sleep so wrong.
Her eternal beauty shining like a silver crown.
Rest peacefully, you were never meant to live long.

5 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. can't stop my tears,Anoushka,you are absolutely brilliant.

  2. Brilliant write really well....more pls :D

  3. Aww. :D Thank you soooooo much! Alpana di, Abhisek da and Mari.

  4. this was so sensitive.....u pen n thoughts 2gether r damn powerful...loved it...:)....brilliant write....


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