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Autumn Crunch

Walking on autumn leaves
ear shots sense the crunch
footsteps on twigs
as the coloured leaves
splash and crisply crack…
…my path
not quite figured out
the destination hazy,
protracted journey
in a constant pause and play.
Nothing fast-forwarded.
Nor rewound.

Questions mushroom one after another
a rapid round of heartaches
pain, joy, random feelings
passing seasons
repeat the autumn crunch
leaving me none the wiser
year after year
all bleary from the past
lack of sleep
lingering in the long climb
up from the foothills
to view the golden vale.

Just when all is figured out
surfaces the feeling
of an upside down world,
trudging ahead nonetheless
feeling pain to heal
damnation and the pained
bearing the cross
fed with spirituality morsels
time and again
invigorated to share the bread
with those hungry for comfort.

The broken shattered soul
scattered heart and body
gathered, pieced together
patched up, scarred,
fingers run through the yester-years
wistful numerous moments, then
snapping out of the somber mode
cracking the autumn dry leaves
beneath the footfalls
moving on carefree…
When nothing is truly yours
why yearn?

Images Courtesy -
Copyright @Sandy2000

6 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. As usual Sandy...amazing,my words fail me,as I don't consider myself even close to commenting on your posts..but its always pleasure to read what you write.

  2. Thanks Alpana. I knew you would relate to this.
    Love n hugs


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