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The one who is the former of this world..
              IS THE GOD.
The one who is the father of this world..
               IS THE GOD.
The one who watch us at every step,
The one who help us at every step,
The one who teaches us at every step,
             IS THE GOD.
He is in everyone's heart,
He is in everyone's mind,
His name is on everyone's tongue,
             IS THE GOD.
The one who always open atleast one way ..when there is no way,
The one who always take care of his children,
The one who always gives us confidence,
            IS THE GOD.
He is one who gives us lessons whenever we are wrong,
He is one who gives us hope whenever we are hopeless,
He is one who gives us hand whenever we are alone,
           IS THE GOD.
He is invisible but still in everyone's heart,
He is unexplainable but still on everyone's tongue,
         HE IS THE GOD. 

Closer than a touch on your skin,
Deeper than a breath you draw in,
stronger than a hurricane wind,

10 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Its good to believe in God..that he is is within..cant go further into I don't believe in have written it very well.

  2. @Alpana
    You don't belive in God?

  3. Simran, It helps to have faith in someone and God helps those who helps themselves. Lovely post.

  4. truly commendable simran :)... i put my trust in the Lord always ;)

  5. You have said it all about God in this poem on Him. Very beautiful.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. @Rimly
    First of all ..I want to tell you I liked your name :)
    Thanks for appreciating my work :)

  8. It's a really nice poem Simran...I too believe in God...God is within us and nowhere else. :D


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