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I lay serenely in the afterglow
The sweat of passion spent
Our bodies entangled
Lust expelled
Desires fulfilled
As our bodies rest
To come down from passions high

My hair tousled, my faced flushed
The red glow on my cheeks still visible
My eyes half shut, my mouth open slightly
My full lips still moist, my skin glowing with dampness 
No hint remains of what passed
The contortions of passion
Which were etched into my face
Linger no more, but shall again soon
In the half darkness we look at each other
My head rests on your shoulder
As I drown myself with your scent
You nuzzle me in closer 
Soft moans and sighs Escape my quivering lips As your fingers run through my hair
I smile, take your fingers to my lips
To love every inch of you
To loose myself in your eyes again
Your fingers lightly brush over my body Feeling my every curve Feeling my body quiver under your touch Your mouth meets with mine in a kiss Our tongues finding one another Probing, feeling and exploring
Your voice whispers in my ear Making my body tingle all over I feel myself surrendering You gaze deeply into my eyes And I gaze right back at you, smiling Knowing what I want so badly...YOU
You read my mind so well And without a single spoken word We are making sweet love all night long Our bodies intertwining together To set me on fire To quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses To touch my soul with passion 
To get lost in each other Touching, tasting, exploring
We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss
Making love to me My body and my soul Laid bare for you to mould Reaching heights untold
I want you like no other Need you, like the air I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment
You reach out to stroke my cheek
With a soft and gentle touch You whisper quietly into the night Saying never have you loved so much Gently I reach up to stroke your cheek With a soft and gentle touch Quietly into the night I whisper "Never have I loved so much."
Alpana Jaiswal
Labels: Passion, glow, soul, fire
Picture: Courtesy Google Images

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  1. Enjoyed reading it Alpana....this one is so full of passion and Love.Magical poetry :D

    I don't want to live - I want to love first, and live incidentally

  2. A real touch of romance I would say..
    Beautifully explored :)
    As I am a great admirer of whatever you write :)

    Keep Writing because your writing reflects emotions sweetly :)

    Take care
    Love you..

  3. bold and beautiful, lust is bond binded by love........loved the excitation of the poem....Alpana, you are really a beauty at heart and in mind.

  4. @Simran..Thank you so much,I am u too.
    @Sancheeta..When I get appreciated for my work,it really feels great..thank you so much.

  5. Sensuous,mind are great..

  6. I would fly you to the moon and back if you'll be . . . if you'll be my baby.
    I knew that my fascination will turn to admiration..and now to POSTS are are the BEST.

  7. What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
    ~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
    Alpu Mausi..lyrics can made out of this..amazing..


  9. “Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”

  10. i felt every word run through my imagination alpana :P... i know it'll create magical effects on my love as well :P... geez... thanks for this awesome poetry ;)

  11. Passion, romance and your words just put them into pictures in my imaginations...ahhhh... the afterglow...:)

  12. "Passion is universal humanity. Without it religion, history, romance and art would be useless. ~Honoré de Balzac", loved your passionate poem Alpana. The afterglow is lovely.

  13. Alpana this so beautiful,and very very sensual...

  14. Please explain : "We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss"

  15. so after your hot steamy sex. try some of my luscious recipes.

  16. @Bachha Hati...first of all you should be able to feel it..or maybe experience it...seriously,can't put it in words...

  17. Beautiful piece of work! Very sharp and focused! One of your best poems. Hope to read more of them from you. Keep penning such bold and brilliant poetry.

  18. Passionate and erotic. Two things I can relate to. Now the Love thing has me stumped.


  19. Great passion!!!!keep it up..............

  20. so beautiful, so wonderful, alpana i loved it..

  21. Unbelievable,romantic,sensual...I can go on and are so good with your words,I am so happy that you have finally found a way to show your emotions.

  22. Every achievement, big or small, begins in your mind...and I am so happy that is has started with yours..YOUR BEST POST UP TILL NOW...

  23. WOW.........THIS IS AMAZING....

  24. Sancheeta BiswasMarch 27, 2011 8:37 PM

    love is beautified by the expressions of two earthy bodies intertwined with lust. its divine when two souls diffuse into one. you flowered the budding of two loving bodies in such a heavenly way. i just glided.

  25. Exquisite .... Powerful ... Passionate and Absolutely Captivating. Alpi - Your Master Stroke at work again. Brilliant....loved it to the core.

  26. That is exquisitely HOT & !!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  27. Pramilla KarnardMarch 27, 2011 10:48 PM

    Brilliant as usual...

  28. Very nice! Someone must have lit your I liked it; it was very tastefully descriptive. I will be back.

  29. You have been made to write..this is magical,music...and you are also made to be loved and looked you always.

  30. best of luck... :)

  31. Reshmi ChateerjeeMarch 28, 2011 1:48 AM

    Keep it always glowing n growing sweetie;God bless!

  32. You are at your best now,beyond this...I can't even imagine....beautiful...

  33. @Rahul...Thank you,for always reading my posts..and giving me support.
    @An Admirer...Thank you.
    @Hansika..I was scared you will not like this..thank you sweetheart.
    @Kushagra..Thank u.

  34. @Anindita...Thanks a lot,my friend..
    @Melissa..Thank you,I just can't wait to see you...I hope my posts continue to bring you happiness.
    @Jorie...Thank you.
    @Sulekha...I am always learning from you and Rimly...hope to do better,thanks a lot.

  35. @JennyBus...Raunchy...Yes...thanks for all the support.
    @Arjun...Thanks a lot.
    @JennyBus..The next one will be just for you...involving chocolates,and what a great aphrodisiac it can be...
    @N J...Thank you..I get inspired by you,and you know that..I wish that someday,I will be able to write like you.

  36. Oooofff Alpu!!! Tooo good..too good..toooo goood!! Alpu u write so well..therez so much passion in u..only somebody didn't understand that..just hate him for that.
    Love u..keep writing more

  37. AG...Thanks a lot..your comments mean a lot to me.
    @Edmond...Thank you.
    @Sarda...Thanks a lot,sweetheart..for always being bu my side.
    @Fiona...Thank you.

  38. Oooofff Alpu!!! Tooo good..too good..toooo goood!! Love u..keep writing more

  39. I have always loved your style of writing,and this is too good,wish you the very best always.

  40. By your words, you converted 'sex' into 'love making'. 'Wildness' into 'romance'.

  41. gud 1....all the best...Alpana

  42. @Samir...Thank u.
    @Vishal...Thanks a lot...
    @Sancheeta...Thank u for understanding my work..will write something exclusively for you,sometime soon.
    @Preetu...Love u a lot...and thank u.

  43. @Pramilladi...Your every word counts a lot because you must know,as to how much I look up to you.
    @Ricky...Thanks. of my biggest support in life,thank u..and love u always.
    @Abhinaba...Thank u.

  44. @Rashmi..Thank u.
    @Suman..Thank u..I am happy,whether I was understood or not...and will try to be so for the rest of my life.
    @Deepika...Thank u.
    @Sanjib....Thanks a lot.
    @Souvick...Thank u,finally you are appreciating my work,and yes,if I love someone,it will never be "SEX" you said.

  45. grt wrk ...really touching and romantic...

  46. really too good...mind blowing alpana
    expressed very well

  47. Hello, Ma'am! To Tag: Alpana Jaiswal, well it's very rare but then it's really magical and enchanted that you're left with no words practically to speak when the fact lies in "Silence speaks heavier than words!" Same is the condition with me right now... It's just the perfect way to depict what "LOVE" is! I can only sing these words in my heart that, "Life is a flower, of which love is the honey!" after going through this story excellently written and the way you've sketched out the meaning of the sole purpose of life's core meaning... :) Was heartening reading it, and it's a real pride to go through such a story, because it's rare that when you reach the end of a story you again wanna go to the first word of the story and read it again and again, and you happen to save the story in your laptop to read it again and again.. Thanking you! :) Keep up the good work! God bless...

  48. (Whistle) - what amazing imagery! Totally hot! hot! hot!

  49. Very, Very passionate ,Alpana. Amazing work!!! Steamy wooooo!!!! :)

  50. Hot stuff Alpana - a passionate topic passionately written. Very nice.

  51. Its a very intense romantic... After reading this anyone would want to fall in love all over again...

  52. Passionate, sensuous, and erotic! All the ingredients to make it a beautiful passionate poem. Beautiful Alpana.

  53. Nice Alpana.... you're really doing grea8

  54. @Vishal...Thank you.
    @Dipti...Thanks a lot..missing u.
    @Aakash...I am over whelmed...thanks a lot..
    @Sandy..Your comment means a lot to me..thanks a lot.
    @Eva..Thanks a lot.

  55. sensuous,erotic and hot....very very very steamy.I can feel the heat.

  56. @Kriti...Thanks a lot.
    @Seema...I hope I didn't shock u,thanks a lot.
    @Rimly...I have learnt from you,because I truly believe that no can write sensual poems like you do...thank u sweetheart.
    @Williams...thank you.

  57. @Suraj..Thank u,I am happy that my posts are making lives better...

  58. hi alpana. you must be very good poet that you are able to write very long poems. glad to know you and thanks for adding me to "We the bloggers" all the best on your fb club..

  59. I love, love your poem! It was beautiful missy.

  60. That was a real mushy mushy poem. Straight through the mind of the woman. Nice

  61. After this post ALpana - if the person concerned does not get it - I wonder what else it will take. This is beautifully convincing...

  62. Filled with love...passion :) Love is really the strongest feeling.. for which ppl can die a thousand times :) Great post.. always look forward to your Posts!Loved it :)

  63. This is not poetry...its music,magic.....

  64. beautiful,sensual..

  65. beautiful, you.

  66. Another name for you...LOVE..because the magic you create is unbelievable.

  67. wow a romantic touch !! great going ..Looking for future post

  68. My god love with lust but you know I had never experienced this so I can't say anything more rather dreaming about.....But after reading your poem I must say that it will amazing feeling when I make love to my wife first time.....But right now can't explain.......So nice wordings just flowing without hurdles

  69. nice post alpana...nice wordings..

  70. This is magical. Loved every bit of it. :)

  71. DAMN Alpana..Someone is going to be very lucky to have you love them with this much passion. Your a bloody wonder!!! I am now going to go take a cold shower :)


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