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It's all inter connection of heart to heart - Affection

Sometimes when we are happy..

We make promises with others,

Sometimes when we are sad..

We make rude our self with others,

Sometimes when we think about someone very close to our heart..

Suddenly comes in front of us,

Sometimes when we are going to say something..

Suddenly someone says the same thing that we were going to say,

Sometimes when we think about someone..

Suddenly their images and talking comes in front of our eye,

Sometimes when we care for someone..

They even don't notice us ,

Sometimes when we miss someone all day..

They even don't think about us,

Sometimes when we are alone..

Then we enjoy the company of our imaginations itself,

Sometimes one's rudeness hurts us a lot..

Sometimes one's ignorance hurts us a lot,

Sometimes one's smile makes us tension free..

Sometimes one's absence irritates us..

That's all inter connection with heart to heart-Affection.

9 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Really nice poem Simran......liked it :D

  2. Excellent - I really enjoyed this!
    Regards, Mari

  3. Honest cry from the heart...loved it, Simran.

  4. wow...yes it is interconnection simran :)... most of the time, my love and i would think of the same things and it truly amazes me...

    beautiful as that rose you posted :)

  5. @Alpana

    Thanks :)

    @Fantacy in practicality
    It's very deep after all is heart to heart connection :)

    Thank You so much dear :)
    Wonderful blog you have !

    Very True :)

    Glad that you liked it!
    Greatful to you..!

  6. lovely piece...enjoyed readin it so much...affection explaind in such a refreshing way..;)


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