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Hello, everyone it’s truly an honor and privilege to be writing with all of you here at We Have A Story. I’ve struggled for a couple days on exactly what my first post would be on, I have pulled out poems I’ve written, and even pulled out the book I’ve been slowly writing. But everything I looked at screamed “no” write something new, fresh, exciting. Make them hungry for more! I really want to write something "We Have A Story" worthy.  After giving myself a nice pep talk, I grabbed my pen and journal and sat in my favorite writing spot.

Determined to come up with something fresh, something that will awe you, and make you hungry for more. I put my pen to paper and before long I had a page full, excited I look down expecting to see a great story, one that will awe you, and make you hungry for more.... No it wasn't I had sat there for 30 minutes, drawing circles, little hearts, basically doodling which by no means is comparable to any of the other posts I’ve seen so far. 

I definitely needed some inspiration and my little doodles weren’t working.  Lying my pen and journal down I set off to find my inspiration, by reading the blogs I enjoy. I read a couple and comment, and move to the next etc. By now I’ve read 5 blogs and have made some very thoughtful comments. As I was finishing up a comment on a blog I find extremely special to me, I realize that I have formed a special friendship with her. Then it hit me my post today would be about friendships, not your every day life friends , but mainly about the ones that develop online. 

Picture created by me
quote by ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe
Friends come in all shapes and sizes, just like the people that form these friendships. We meet people daily and friendships form, co-workers to friends, book club buddies to friends, play group moms to best friends. You see where I am going with that right? It’s a common interest or sometimes a not so common interest that leads two or more people to become friends. 

Now let’s think about the day you created your Face Book page, your blog, a group or when you joined any other “online” type social world. Did you ever think you’d find yourself having a real friendship with anyone you met online? Its not like you created a face book profile to "meet" friends, we normally do it to "reconnect" with old friends and to keep tabs on family members.

But then you find yourself forming a friendship with someone in another state or country all because you both liked the same page, or because you read each others blogs. Either way a real friendship has formed, but there are many people that don't believe that online friendships are "real". I have heard the following statements a few times, not just said to me but others talking about them. “Really one of your best friends is online and she/he lives in what country?” or how about “How can you be friends with some you’ve never met?” I've often tried to explain it to the "non- believers" but I sometimes have an attitude and just look at them and say "really I can't be bothered with explaining something as simple as a friendship to you" 

So to all the non- believers, I would like to reassure you that, yes you can be friends with someone you’ve never met, and deep warm friendships are formed between two people living in different countries. Friendship happens in the least likely place as does love. We don’t always choose our friends, sometimes it just is, we don’t need to see someone up close and personal to feel the warmth and glow they cast on to others.  Some have found that their deepest, meaningful friendship isn’t the one they can see daily, but it’s the ones they feel. 

I have learned to love, respect and appreciate many of my online friends, who all touch my life in different ways, I value each and everyone of our friendships and thank everyone of you.

What are your thoughts on “online friendships”?

Do you have a friend online that you value more than a “real life” friend?
If you could spend one day with a friend (any friend), would it be with the one formed online or someone in your ‘real life”?

Friendships are discovered, rather than made ~ by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts

27 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. I know what you mean...I'm on Facebook, I've travelled to many countries where I made lots of friends and we still keep in touch! Very nice post! Greetings from Rome!

  2. Debbie you have nothing to fear it is a quality post and yes online friend are some how closer then some i have known all my life and only see one in a while. thank you for the lovely post and god bless

  3. Welcome to We Have A Story Debbie.Really really awesome post to start with.I have so many online friends who talk with me daily and many offline friends who hardly meet once a month.As you said,friends are discovered, rather than made. :)

  4. I haven't met any of my friends online. In fact, my sister call them my "invisible friends". Anyhow, I feel them closer to me because I pray for each of them.

    I always assure my mom that if somebody's not sincere, allow that space for that friend... after all, he/she's fooling himself/herself in the process...

    I love the topic you chose...and I honor each of my online friends :)...

    Thanks Debbie :)

  5. I think you really came up with a great post, Deborah! Congrats on your first post here. I'd like to believe that you can become really good friends with people met online. Sometimes it seems as if we know each other fairly well. But ultimately, there's the issue of not knowing if all people say is true that holds me back. The same is also true for real life relationships, at least for me.

  6. Deb,
    Brillantlly written.

    I would like to think that cultivating friends good friends online is a good thing


  7. I have met many fiends on facebook, and re connected with some old friends. I think honesty is always hard to determine, whether you look them in the eye or read their words. Does anyone "really" know anyone. Great post friend.

  8. Ciccia, thank you for sharing your thoughts on my article. Friendships are just amazing aren't they :) Thank you again!

    Roy, thank you for coming by. I am learning throught this post, that I am not the only one that has many real life friends I don't see often. Thank You again :)

    Abhisek, thank you! Your encouragment helped alot these past few days, I know what you are saying it's like that with me and some of my friends. Thanks again :)

    Melissa, thank you for coming by! That's really cute what your sister calls your online friends. I agree with you on the non sencere friends online or in real life. Thank you again :)

    Sweepy, thank you for coming by! Yes many of us have to earn other's trust it works for both online and real life frienships. Thank you again :)

    Jess, thank you for your support. It's amazing isn't it, all the friends you've made in the last year of writng/blogging. Thank you again :)

    Thank you everyone!

    Thank you Abhisek, for giving me the opprotunity to write here on We Have A Story :)

  9. I love this post .. i like to meet lots of online friend who cares a lot for me .. i have found some interesting characters in online ..they are so sweet as compared to the real life friends

  10. Jan, thank you for coming by! That is very true, it really has alot to do with how trusting and it's sometimes hard to do online. Thank you again friend :)

    sheril, thank you for coming by! I have also met some real interesting characters online, many I've formed get friendships with, and there were a few that after time I ended up deleting them. Thanks again :)

  11. I have had some of the most wonderful friendships online. I don't know if it's because people you know in the "real" world are too engrossed in their own lives that they have no time for you or if they are just self-centered boobs who believe the world should revolve around them and their daily "issues." All I know is sometimes it is refreshing to hang with those who get you, and the ones who get you are usually the ones who you have something in common with; i.e. writing or blogging. Thank God for online friends because without them it would just be the same tired old friends who have nothing new to say. Beautiful post Debbie, congrats on your first We Have a Story post!!!

  12. Jen, thanks for coming by! I understand exactly what you are saying, I've also found that some of the "real" world ones are so busy being busy bodies it often ruins the joy of the friendship. You know that saying "keeping up with the jones's" HAHA, I haven't heard "boob" referred to in that way in a long time, a friend used to walk in the room and say "hey boob, what you doing?" HA!! Thanks again Jen :)

  13. Man what a day...talking bout friendships....I have had the most AWESOME special friendships online...I feel it's safe.. I have nothing to hide..I can finally be me..and I think others know that...feel that...and the trust builds and before you know it this bond grows..and it feels so absolutely wonderful... a smile replaces a frown...crying for joy rather then sadness...and it just keeps getting bigger... and the love feels so good....OMG to be real...I love this post my friend as I love you....As always...XOXOXOXO

  14. Perfect and inspired Debbie. You are one of my online friends, both a FB buddy and a blogging pal. And yes I have developed some BBFF (best blog friends forever :) Sometimes the conversations in writing and the comment feedback are more meaningful than the superficial chit-chat we see up close and personal. As the political ads say, “I approve of this message.” 100%

  15. Beautifully written Debbie,"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same"...that is what true friendship does to us.

  16. Debbie very nice post and welcome to this page :) :).. i do have online friends they are very close indeed :) :)

  17. Debbie, i loved your post and can tell you about my experience. I met my friend online, she was in USA and I was in India but our thoughts clicked and we formed a bond so strong that we felt like we knew each other for ages. She is Kriti Mukherjee my soul mate from another life. We met nearly an year after connecting online and our friendship had become rock solid. She is my dear friend and more like a family member now. I adore our relationship and are glad we met online that fateful day.

  18. I am a 100% pure believer - I have even invested money in a business with someone I had met online very very recently. She is now my business partner and a very dear friend. We have taken our friendship off line now and damn was I right about her. Thank God for the virtual world!

  19. This is a very interesting line of thought. yes I do believe you can forge a friendship even if you dont meet that friend. One example I can give is that with Alpana and I. We did eventually meet but our friendship had blossomed much before that. The same goes for Sulekha and Kriti, they were in two different countries, their friendship started online and today they are doing something of their own together.I think we should all have an open mind about everything in life. Anything is possible if you keep an open mind. Loved it Debbie

  20. Bongo, Sweet Bonnie thank you for coming by! You're excitement, the way you say things is unblieveable. Thank you - tears and smiling... You have become a dear friend to me and I love you too! Thank you again :)

    Debra, thank you for coming by! You've been there since the my first blog post :) and I appreciate the blogging buddy and FB friendship we've formed. Thank you again :)

    Alpana, thank you for coming by! You are full of so much passion, and kindness. I love that quote and it's so very true. Thank you again :)

    Sunita, thank you for your support! I am realizing that there are more and more online friends. Aren't Frienships Just Wonderful! Thank you again :)

    sulekkha, thank you for coming by!! Such a sweet story of you and Kriti, I've watched the two you of for a while and trust me the friendship you two share is very noticable. Not just an online "buddy" but I can see a "Deep Tender Friendship" It's been alot of fun watching you two interact and the support you too give each other is awesome!! Thank you for sharing your story :)

    Kriti, thank you for coming by! The friendship you and your dear friend share is awesome, as I said in my comment to her, I've noticed the wonderful friendship you two share. Thank you for sharing with us :)

    Rimly, thank you for coming by!! Oh yes, dear rimly I have also noticed the friendship you and sweet Alpana share. It's so awesome seeing how you support and give strength to each other. Thank you for sharing with us :)

    Thank you everyone for coming by, supporting and sharing your thoughts, they mean alot to me!

  21. Hi Debbie, congrats on your first We Have A Story post! What a great way to start, too, friendships are so important to all of us. I have 'met' some truly wonderful people through blogging...and have not met any of them in person. But that doesn't lessen the quality of the friendships, at all!

    I really enjoyed reading your post, Debbie, thank you for this :)

  22. Bec, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I agree friendships are important, online or real life are just the same.

    Thank you for the kind and encourage comment :)

  23. I knew it would be a good one and as for gaining inspiration by being inspired, Debbie that is what you do on a daily basis - inspire people.

    I always believe that a friend is a person who can touch your heart and soul without even laying a hand on you. That goes even more so for someone who is on the otherside of the world.

  24. SJ, thank you for stopping by and leaving such a warm,thoughtful,and inspiring comment. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to add a little bit of joy to others life isn't it?

    It's amazing isn't it how a friend across the world can touch your heart and soul!

    Thanks again doll, for the inspiration and encouragement. :)

  25. Debbie - a great post, and you are so correct in what you say. If it wasn't for my on line friendships through facebook, i wouldn't be where i am today. it is these friends that give me inspiration, and sometimes just a good laugh, or debate. I don't believe you can better what these type of friendships offer.

  26. All friendships are important whether in person or via an online avenue. It often seems I'm closer to my fb and blogging friends than actual real life pals but I consider every one vital. Online friends have lifted me up when I've felt like quitting on life and inspired me with their creative passion and vision.

    I've met many invisible friends that I befriended from facebook and have even dated a few women from fb so I must say online friends are good :) Take care!!

  27. Larry, thanks for coming by and leaving your thougths! Some of my online friends are like family members :)

    David, I know exactly what you are saying about online friends uplifting and inspirational. Thanks again for coming by :)



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