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My Bunmidale :)

Oluwasunita & Oluwabunmi

After a tiring journey of almost 20 hrs (Pune - Mumbai - Dubai - College Dorm) and Rs. 20,000/- stolen from my bag, I was squashed up.  This was my first ever international trip.  I was the first in the entire family to fly abroad to pursue my MBA.   I thought I would be very emotional about all this, but as I dragged my luggage to my room, all that I wanted was to crash on the bed.  G-26 my room number, which I knew I would be sharing with another student, but no idea who it was.  So as I entered I opened the door using my keys (which was provided as soon as I landed in Dubai), I was hoping to see some human figure.  But the room was empty.  One bed was taken, the other one which was obviously mine was still untouched and new with the mattress having the plastic cover on it.  I took a look around to figure out something about the person who would be living with me for a whole year now.  Nothing specific.  Then I made my way to the wash room, and I saw the perfume bottles and the lipsticks, I knew she would be stylish.  So came back and was having some water, just then she entered.  She opened the door and said, Oh I am sorry.. seeing me she thought she entered the wrong room :) :) And then quickly recovered and realised it was infact her room.  So I saw her, for the first time.  An African girl wearing a brown top and light brown jeans and very beautifully done hair, she was very impressive.  Hi I am Sunita... Good to see you I am Bunmi.  Vow that sounds like an Indian name I said.  Oh that is the short version for Oluwabunmi Adeniba.

We became friends, or should I say she became my idol.  She and me were in different classes.  So when we returned to our room it was like two lovers seeing each other after a long time :) :). I would be having thousands of stories about everyone to tell her.  For Bunmi gossip was a big NO.  Speaking about someone when that person was not around was something she would never do, unless ofcourse she wants to use an example to make someone understand.  Even in that case she would not take names.  And I was totally opposite, had an opinion on everyone and everything.  She would just listen, and if she had to comment then it will always be how I have to improve my thinking.  

G-26 :)
I was very possessive about her friendship.  Cannot even begin to tell the tantrums I would throw around if I saw her hugging someone else or taking someone elses side than mine if I had a problem with that particular someone.  I would literally cry.  And then she would come and sit by my side and say Oh come on, you are my best friend I love you so much.  I can still remember how I had screamed and yelled and went out to hug her when she came from Nigeria after a short vacation.  I liked everything she did.  Nothing she did was ever wrong for me.  If it was said by her then I needed no more proof.  When I packed my bags to leave my MBA in middle because of some problem, she made my favorite bean rice and told me I will tell you this only once You should not go, rest is upto you. Ofcourse I stayed back.  

My other friends always told me that I was obsessed with her.  They even called me OluwaSunita :) :). I was not obsessed but I was totally in love and full of admiration for her.  This came because of the way she represented herself.  I had seen lot of my classmates go to her for advices and help.  She was there for everyone, but she was the one who was there for me even when she was not physically around.  Even today when I have a problem I usually think.. What would Bunmi do in this situation?.. And I know I would get my answer.  I am not sure if she has any flaws, she might but I have never seen them.  I have seen her strong in the worst of situations.  The day of our graduation I was happiest not only for my achievement but more for her achievement.  Oh and BTW did I tell you she could even sing a hindi song, goron ki na kalon ki duniya hai dilwalon ki :) :) 

This friendship day my darling Bunmidale I want to tell you I love you, I love everything about you.  Life with you in G-26 has been one of the most wonderful periods of my life.  I would never have that year any other way than it was.  I miss you very much.  I miss going out to ibn battuta mall for coffee, I miss sitting on the kitchen platform and eating hot rice and chicken, most of all I miss seeing you everyday.

5 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. What a lovely story! I can imagine how much you miss her. I hope you'll get to see her again! Have a nice weekend! I'm following you from Rome, Italy!

  2. It's impossible to forget such good friends.One always likes to be with best buddies.I miss my friends a lot, but we hardly get time to meet.True friendship never ends,it only gets stronger with time.Nice post again Sunita. :)

  3. I love this post about friendship. I'm 65 and several of my best girlfriends from 1st grade through high school finally got together again last year. It was like no time had passed at all except for our grey hair and wrinkles lol.

  4. Sunita, this is such a delightful story of a wonderful friendship. Isn't it great when we look up too someone they are always there in most of our decision making, even if they aren't there in front of us.... The love and admiration you feel toward Bunmidale is very apparent in your story...

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Thank you for your comments guys, appreciate it:) :)


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