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I Wanna Grow Up Once Again :) :)

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In most cases ask any child when he is growing up, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"... Doctor.. pat comes the reply.  And as the child says this, you should watch the faces of the parents, they swell as though their child has already come out successfully out of the medical school.  In all my interactions I have never heard a child say Engineer or Investment banker.  Maybe also because Doctor is the first profession every child comes in contact with, right from the time of the birth to pediatrics.. Doctors are always around.  For me personally it was a matter of revenge.  As a child I wanted to inject all the doctors who gave me injections :P :P :P

Somewhere then when we are growing up our aspirations change.  There are various reasons.  Like I fainted in my school lab in 8th grade while dissecting a frog and realized my fear of blood and just gave up on science and thus becoming a doctor.  Peer pressure, financial problems or not getting admissions into the wanted streams because of the high cut-off list could also be the reasons.  And then a wanna be doctor becomes an engineer, or a management professional (like me :P ) and can you beat that, some even become fashion designers and beauty queens or kings :) :).  But yes mostly every dream by the time it changes into reality, it takes a different form.  No qualms actually because some circumstances are just not in our hands.  

But then there were some realities which now have become like a dream.  As young as 10 years I was, I won the first prize in writing an essay on Environment.  The winning was important because I beat a 14 year old from another school.  I had no help, it was a on the spot topic.  Since then I have always scored the highest whenever it was about writing.  I even wrote essays for my friends.  Scoring a 4.5 out of 5 in writing an essay in GMAT is a great feat I believe.  But it took me 20 years to realize that it was time to start writing my first book.  Somewhere admist the chaos of competitions and exams, love and marriage everything was just forgotten.  I cannot believe I am doing it now. (my mom is already kicking at the thought that after spending lakhs and all the time what I am doing after an MBA is writing)
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Within each one of us is one reality.  Maybe someone could speak fearlessly, maybe someone had the patience to teach, someone could draw a cat which looked like a cat (unlike mine which looked like a dog which was starved) and the list could go on.  Because these are realities and that is why they still are inside us.  It will just take few seconds to search (not the Google search so do not go to your computers).  Its inside you.  Just look deeper.  You will be amazed to find what you have abandoned to be in the race of this world and a never ending race I must say.  

So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and search and once you get it take off sometime and invest in that reality, because dreams will vanish some day and what will stay is reality, so nurture it !!!

8 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Nice post....better late than never. I realized that I too wanted to write and that is what which fulfills ME.

  2. Some months back when I started "WE HAVE A STORY" I was not writing anymore at that time.I stopped writing because of work pressure.A friend asked me to start writing again and I am happy that I started again.I started this site to give a platform to all excellent writers to get the max exposure possible.I promote everyone's story to make sure they get what they want.Sometimes we want to do something but we have to do something else.Everyone should search what they actually want to do and invest at least a small amount of time for that.

  3. Abhisek, I was fifty before I started my first novel. Oh, I wrote plenty all my life but at fifty I decided that it was time to do what I had wanted to do my entire life. Nice post. It made me appreciate my path.
    My Best,

  4. SuKupedia, really enjoyed your post and well done on having a dream and making it a reality.


  5. Glad u guys visited and thx for the good words :)

  6. Very nice.... i shared it on my fb page so that my friends can read it as well.. thanks also so visiting my blog...

  7. Awws...geez...while others think of going back to yesteryears, you think of growing up ;)...

    I felt what you've just said. I'm a nurse by profession and yet I'm now engaged in soliciting articles for a medical journal... I think we belong to what our heart truly says of us... and if it's in writing, there will always be means to get there.

    Well, as an artist too, I've been discouraged to get a career to pursue it. But I now enjoy doing my art for free... well, God is wonderful and talents are abundant.

    I say, keep going towards the direction that makes you truly happy... the benefits may not be seen now... but your heart is your compass and it will always guide you :)

    Loved this post :)


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