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A Train Ticket to Love :) :)

This is my first post on..We Have a Story...and what better story to share than a love story :) :)

My mom never seemed to mind the distance I was from home, because she would just pick up the phone and order me to come home whenever she missed me.  This time again she did the same and I was very angry not only because I would have to sweet talk my boss but also travel by train because last minute flights in India are very very expensive :( :( Thankfully I got the train tickets.  Got off early from my work desk, a friend who promised to drop me at the station arrived late and I got stuck in the traffic jam.  Chennai roads and traffic are not friendly to my mom's decisions I must say.  Well very obviously I was tired and frustrated by the time I reached the coach and the anger on my friend was clearly seen on my face.  Exactly in this situation you have a fellow passenger staring at you, as though he has just seen an alien fly into his coach, and I am like, well now that sums up my day, I have to spend 22 hrs with this guy who is going to keep gaping at me.  No it couldn't get worse.... Well ofcourse not knowing that I will be spending the rest of my life with this stranger !

As the train starts moving, I see this guy is a little disturbed and looking for someone.  So I asked him about it (humanity overflows when you dont need it in me) He said he was looking for an attendent so that he could change his seat.  Seriously !! I thought.  I was not that awful, or maybe I was !! but then he cleared he couldn't spend the journey on his current seat because of less leg space, hehe thats when I noticed he was more than 6 ft !!! Hmmm now I looked at him and he was handsome :) so I offered him my seat and prayed the attendent never showed up (sometimes your prayers are answered instantly ) And then the whole journey was like I never wanted to reach my place.  I mean you are bugged but you have a handsome hunk who is also cute and nice and who shows you the gifts he has bought for his mom and who tells you that you have beautiful eyes and who sings :)... well only some idiot would want the journey to end !! 22 hrs trip most of the time you tend to get friendly to your co passengers and then you share your contact details and so on and so forth.  As a rule I never gave my mobile number, so when we got down from the train at our desitnation we only exchanged e mail ids.  Oh ya the trip ended :( all good things come to an end.  I walked to where my parents were waiting and he walked in the opposite direction.  Yes and in a typical Bollywood style we turned and smiled at each other.

Another travel rule I had was, I would never reply a mail I got from any of my co passengers.  Bad attitude I know but I am wary of strangers.  But then you know when you break your rules you either end up in a miracle or a disaster.  So when he first sent me a mail I did reply :) :)... ya ya I broke the rule, and I believe marriage is a miracle :) :) I have no debate with people who think otherwise :P :P

From perfect strangers to fellow passengers to being best of friends and then lovers and now husband and wife, I must tell you that one train ticket I purchased bought me a lot more that just a train travel :) :)

17 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Really it's like a typical bollywood love story.Your first post here and damn interesting one. :D

  2. Nicely done Sunita - what a way to start a journey : )

  3. haha jodis r made in heaven and train was just a catalyst...nice bollywoodish write...lucky u ur husband wanted to change his seat then n u noticed...;)

  4. that's a complete bollywood masala movie.. lovely :)

    Weakest LINK

  5. Great post :) Welcome :) you are one of us now.. do well.. looking forward to more awesome posts :)

  6. What a lovely story. :-) I met my husband in an unlikely manner, too. Funny how things happen when Fate takes a hand. I wish you many years of happiness together.


  7. @ kirti,vaishakhi,rachit,orea.. thank you guys.. the journey indeed is beautiful
    @ sumit.. thank you for the acceptance :)

  8. I loved it Sunita... I think any other story would not have been this much touching. And your very first post of this kind made it clear that there would me many more coming even much better than this.
    I loved it. Very touching, and the most important thing is, it brought smile on my face as I read it. :)

  9. thank you anshul. You are very generous with your compliments hope I keep up to your expectations with my next stories :) :)

  10. Sunita, bollywood or not it's a perfect love story. Isn't if odd how at first you were like "really, seriously?" over the seat change, then hearing him say he needed leg room and only then did you notice his height and handsomeness :P

    Funny how the world works.

    Great story looking forward to reading more of your stories

  11. do Visit mine sometime... :)
    Leave comments if you like something!

  12. Thank you Debbie.. :)
    @ everyone do feel free to visit my blog..

  13. Wow! That's really very interesting Sunita :)... I've heard such love stories but it's always to get it first hand. Thanks for sharing your love story and I pray you keep falling in love with each other everyday. Stay blessed :)

  14. Thank u Melissa..did u know u play a imp role in our love story.. i was reading a book in the train that day, a luv story of a gal named Melissa..Ritesh(my husband) called me Ms. Melissa since then :) His wedding ring has Melissa embedded on it :) :)

  15. My take, there is a saying that goes s'thing like ''a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step'' or somewhere around those lines. The train ticket was the first step and I hope you walk your ass all the way to paradise.

    Bless itMy take, there is a saying that goes s'thing like ''a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step'' or somewhere around those lines. The train ticket was the first step and I hope you walk your ass all the way to paradise.

    Bless it

  16. wow..such a cute love story....


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