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Day 1: Hope.

"Congratulations! It's a girl," were the first words I heard.

I suddenly realised, that I was there. I had finally entered this completely new and extraordinary world. A world utterly different from my previous ones. A world where pandemonium reigns.
I was warned - before my soul was inserted into this human being's body - that this life would not be an easy one. This life knows love, hate, pain, tears and blood. This life is The Ultimate. The ultimate before our transferring to any one of the Real Worlds: Hell or Heaven.
If we choose to give up and prove ourselves incompetent, we will be sent to Hell, where there is nothing but hatred and turmoil. And if we choose to live till the end, overcoming all the obstacles and harshness of life, strive and never give up, we will be sent to Heaven, where a better end lies. Where love and purity reigns.
This is the last chance I will get. If I don't act accordingly, I will be for ever damned. I don't deserve damnation, because in all of my lives, I have been perfect. I can't afford to mess it up. I'm just praying I will get through this one, and attain absolute salvation.

A few more seconds and all the memories of my past life will be wiped off. This happens at the beginning after every ending, so that we can start afresh and struggle blindly. Why this suffering from amnesia at the starting of every new life is needed, escapes me.
God, you really are a sadist. You do nothing but make it more difficult for us to go on.
Ah, my last ten seconds.
This new world full of unique, breathing, sentient creatures, accept me. Know me.
I believe I will be accepted. I feel I will be loved. I hope I will make it.

7 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Amazing writing, something fresh and new.. I am very happy to be following you

  2. Amen.....

    yes this is really fresh and I love the way you expressed life.

    If we choose to give up and prove ourselves incompetent,we will be sent to hell...and if we choose to live till the end,overcoming all the obstacles and harshness of life,we will be sent to heaven.....Beautiful thinking and so true.

    When The Heart Speaks

  3. What an amazing thought provoking article. I wonder what his great plan is behind introducing us all to blogging?

  4. beautifully much said in such few lines...loved ur way of exprssin event in ur life...:)

  5. I really liked this and your style of writing. Excellent!!!!!

  6. Thank you, all. So much. ^__^


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