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The Norway Controversy (Norway splits Indian family)


Have you heard about norway controversy? Something like Norway splits Indian family ?

Here is a small gist

Norway child protection authorities took away kids of Anurup Bhattacharya and his wife Sagarika.It all happened when the day care owner where their son Abhigyan(2.5 years) used to go, reported to child protection agencies that he displayed autistic tendencies.

Child protection agencies in Norway are way too interfering and paid special visits at their home.They declared that both the parents were unfit parents and forcibly took away not just Abhigyan but their 4 month old daughter Aishwarya who was still breast feeding.

Reason: They felt there was an emotional disconnect between mother and daughter 
They did not cite any other reasons, but the reasons that the parents were told are as follows
  1. Baby was being fed by hand
  2. Dipers were changed on bed
  3. She was forcing the child to eat
  4. Baby slept with the mother on bed
  5. Abhigyan did not have his own room
  6. While breast feeding,she was not holding the baby correctly
They even declared the next kin, parents of Anurup unfit parents and sent the kids to foster homes, not together but to different foster home.

Thanks to media support and extensive brickbats on social media sites like twitter,this matter gained a lot of notoriety and President of india had to intervene.

Sadly i do try to see the other side of the story but can't , I dont get it . Here are the questions i want to ask

1. Under what LAW is it ok to separate a breast feeding baby from their mother. Not just being plain cruel, its medically bad for the kid.

2. Under what law do you think a foster parent is better than a real parent? Were they abusing their children?

3.If you dont like the way they were raising their kids, did you try to train them?Did you spend any time educating the mother about best practices.

4.If even parents of Anurup were unfit for raising a kid, dont you think you should look at Anurup. Did he not turn out just fine? Fine enough to be hired as a geophysicist by your countries company? isn't that a bit ironical.

5. Separating kids from parents is almost always bad for kids unless there is any abuse involved. Blood relation is scientifically proven fact, a baby knows the hands of mother and father and separation can be traumatic. Are you telling me this trauma was OK but what she was doing was not?

6.Another point, under what circumstances is it ok to even split brothers and sisters because you found parents unfit. Why did you punish the kids?

I want to seriously know how Foster home is better? They might follow all the rules but will they give the love? You forcibly took away the kids and you claim it as child protection?

I am sorry, that looks more like child abduction.

What if you are forced to feed kids by hand in India? Are you OK with that? 

Read this satirical article, what if it comes true?
Norway has not given any official answers claiming confidentiality, but still I request them, please tell us
Why did you take the kids away. I hope there is another side to the coin.

As per recent news, Anurup's brother will be given custody of chidren and he will be the primary care giver while the parents will have the visitation rights. I am not clear on these visitation rights, in foster homes the parents were allowed to meet the kids 2 times a year for 1 hour each.I cant even start imagining how broken the parents would have been.

Conclusion: There are two aspects of this Rule of law and spirit of law, I strongly believe Norway followed the rule but forgot the spirit.

Author : Madhur chadha

14 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. shitty rules...they should study the lifestyle of a country before forcing people to follow their own rules.Everyone knows that parents love their kids the most...splitting kids between different foster families is the worst thing one can imagine.

    1. not sure what were they thinking

  2. The authorities either don't do enough or go too far. I just wish that they would get it right, all of the time. Great post Abhisek.

    1. They follow the rule of law not the spirit.
      A point to note is that they came to investigate about the boy but collected evidence to take away the girl also, this is so so wrong

  3. This action by Norwegian government should be highly discouraged. How can they think that kids are safer or comfortable with a foster family, isn't this beyond the emotional games they are playing with the family and kids? Worst situation faced by any family.

    1. It seems the foster families are paid a lot of money to raise the children along with free annual vacation trips .
      If they were so concerned, why did they not spend a little effort to just train the mother better, maybe hire a helper who could train the mother until ready

  4. omg..this is soo bad! Hopefully,with the 21st century,the Norwegian gov changes!

    1. Hope so, they need to change their laws and look at the intent behind all this

  5. I am gobsmacked. I can't see any real reason that these children were taken if indeed all the reasons are being made public. All of the things said above can be changed so it seems a bit harsh to take the children away.

    1. Exactly , it seems they were too keen to take away the kids to be raised in Norwegian way.

  6. A white paper has been issued on this story and lists comprehensively the reasons for the snatch. Read it at either of the following links:

  7. How could they have some rules like that to make both parents and children apart. Thats ridiculous, i think, and no one in the world has any right to judge if the parents are right for their children growth.

  8. Guys,

    When you *choose* to migrate to another country, you choose to also adapt/agree to their laws and culture (including parenting style).

    I am an Indian living abroad... and I sometimes am appalled at the overfeeding and overpampering that desi kids go through. I really do think it damages kids big time.

    So before passing summary judgements, I guess we should try and see the other side as well.

    1. The point is, what is the other side? Going by the list above (1 to 6), I dont see any of the other side's point as a valid reason. Or do you have more information that we dont have? I am searching all over the internet to know more about the other side, but dont seem to find any, other than the list of issues above. Please clarify.


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