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When You Were Sad


When you were sad, life was an unwelcome intrusion.
Sun rays couldn’t dispel the clouds of gloom.
Rain couldn’t wash away the grime of sorrow,
from my hurting heart’s window pane.

The birds didn’t sing or they chirped off tune.
The flowers wilted away, they forgot to bloom.
Nature mourned with me, Universe also cried,
Rainbows hid in the dark caverns of grey skies.
When you were sad, I was sad too.

One fine day a miracle occurred,
The sun rays peeked through my curtains,
A Gentle breeze caressed my face,
The Fragrance of the blooming buds,
teased my senses and jolted me awake.
dew glistened on the bloom,
Like a diamond tear drop.

The melodious chirping of the birds,
Strummed my heartstrings,
and elicited a rhythmic response.
The clouds parted and gave way,
to a bright and glorious sunny day.

Down came the rain of blessings,
Washing away the suffering and pain,
My parched and dehydrated being,
sprang to life and unfurled in the rain.
I felt my heart tremble and wake up,
from its deep hibernating slumber.
My eyes marvelled at this wonder.
I saw a rainbow appear in the misty sky,
And knew your troubles were over.
I heaved a long and grateful sigh.

I start my day with a tiny prayer.
I beg of him on a bended knee.
Please keep my love happy, protect him.
Keep all suffering and hurt away,
and keep him out of harm’s way.

Answered prayers reaffirm my faith,
in the Almighty’s amazing grace.
Steadfast I stayed and continue to pray,
even when I was in a bad place.

Thank you for granting him his wishes,
Keep him happy and safe always.
Let nothing hurt or harm him,
Send all his misfortunes my way. 

Sulekha Rawat
About the Author :
Writing is my passion and I am happy to be a part of this community of wonderful writers. I have been writing the story of my life in my head, for the past four decades and am ready to put it down on paper now. I love books, music and movies. I believe in Destiny and Karma.Get a glimpse of my writing on my blog at " Memoirs"

31 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Woo hoo Sulekha Rawat - you are just astounding with your words!!! I wish I could say birds of the same feather flock together - why am I even flocking with you??? You are an artist, poet and writer - all put in one heart of a wonderful person.

    1. Kriti, Love your comment :) We flock together because we are the same in more ways than one <3. Thank you beautiful lady.

  2. Oh this is so beautiful, I just loved the last stanza. It reflects deep selfless love.

    1. Rimly, Love is selfless and we know it but forget it sometimes :)Don't we all want to keep our soul mates protected, happy and safe, at any cost? <3 Thanks Outlier <3

  3. It's sweet,caring and full of Rimly said, it truly reflects selfless love.As always outstanding poetry.

    1. Thank you for this opportunity to post on WHAS. Appreciate your comments.

  4. One of the reasons I am glad I am back is to read your words and to feel your emotions!!! Really wonderful, thank you for writing this especially this month!!

    1. Welcome back Jim, we missed you too. Thank you for the lovely compliments.

  5. Nothing seems to go right when I'm down, but I know I'll always be up again. Good poem :)

    1. J.R.Nova, thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my poem.

  6. Very lovely poem as always, you've captured true emotions.

    1. Debbie, you are a romantic and it shows in your comment :) Thanks.

  7. keep the faith!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Welcome and thank you for your comment.

  8. a nice poem flooded with tender love.

    1. Portia, Thanks so much dear for your lovely words.

  9. Sulekha, this is so gorgeous. Love wants to preserve love, protect and make happy. When one is sad both suffer. So beautiful!

    1. Leah, appreciate your comment, thanks a ton.

  10. Wonderful, says it all about you and your love. Such wonderful words.

    1. Jan, My love is insane :) thanks for visiting and commenting.

  11. Hello Sulekha.
    As one who exists in the image of love, I can truly attest to the fact that nothing is more powerful, more eternal, more sacred, more forgiving, more accepting than love.
    You and I are indeed the same birds, for we share the feathers of love (smile).
    Simply beautiful & very nicely expressed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Andy, Thank you for visiting and commenting, I know what a tough time you had during this process :) I enjoy sharing my work with like-minded poets and authors because there is no better feeling than that of being understood...god bless.

  12. Sulekha,

    I really liked the simple way in which you have woven the words. Will look forward to more posts from you.

    1. Suvanjana, My pen takes hold of my hand and scribbles on the pages, I just go along for the ride. Thanks for your lovely compliment.

  13. Beautiful poem Sulekha

    1. Savira, Thank you for your comment all the way from my beautiful dream destination, Goa :)

  14. I finally visited We Have A Story and read your poem beautiful soul. I read it a long time ago but the sentiments over it has changed. I didn't totally agree with the line that said, I was sad when you were sad. My emotions do not depend largely on other people. But it seems that while reading the poem now, I just have skipped over that line and I focused on the poem's change of mood.

    This sounded more like a psalm. I appreciate how it grew from sadness and despair to light, hope and joy.

    Your beautiful soul shines through everything you write :*

  15. Melissa, I am so grateful to you for always supporting me and my writing. You make me want to write, just to read your comments on my work. Thank you dearest friend :)

  16. An awakening!
    Beautiful expression of unconditional love.
    Keep on shining!!! I love your faith....


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