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Love = Sau Gram Zindagi


How about talking about love without bringing the lovebirds in the park into your hawking view finder? Lonesome winsome hearts don’t look forlorn at their long lingering shadows, because someone in the past had said- “yuck, ugly duck! Who the hell gonna dance with you- Ya wish me Valentine? Ya gotta wish your mama valentine! Haa haa haa!” Well she was right! Love is not a parcel to be delivered only during the shortest month of the year! The little heart home deliveries can be made all round the year. So if you are the snob knob like nosy son of your parents- dial up your home number and wish that First Lady in your life the very best things you can think about right at this moment. Okay! Ladies weep at emotional displays and only the ones bred under military regime have a control over their tear tanks- so, fikar not! For the prelude- tell her to keep the tissue pack near.

You got to be the man or the lady to that someone special leading to have those million hiccups at every text, at every side glance- so stop being the dolt or the dork- whichever word you are willing to put (silent) on your name plate- just say hi- and tell the super ego man or the high heeled or equally high nosed woman- “Hi! Yes, it feels good inside to say, I love you very much- and just because I like this feeling-I smile wider! Never felt this better- thanks for being around.” You can walk away or you can wait- but don’t wait for expectation to place an emergency call to the fire bridge or the ambulance- thus- keep safe- even the road safety rules say that- and just walk away from that unexpectedly stunned face- the extra prop- whistle your happy tune. 

PDA or TDA- all that matters is to make room for that sugar pouch in your morning “storm in a tea cup”. She might have had her hands seeking inside your wallets while you were snoring on the other side of your bed- but she won’t have done that if you won’t have smiled the first- and told her looking straight into her eyes- “Wife, I like it when you play hide and seek with me- but I would hate it if you straight playing the same thing over my money!” She won’t be committing the felony of making the change disappear now and then- the thing that needs driving is the little act of consideration- you got to love to be loved in return. 

Alas love is in the air! So did you check your air bags! The last thing any girl would like to hear this Valentine is to the sound of an off tune bag piper- the moment you play your trumpet- the moment you invite the raging bull chasing you round the Spain bull fight Arena. A gentry goes well with a lady- so the moment you wish to say – Thou art my love! - Just whisper- “Life! I love thee!” after all- “Love= sau gram zindagi!

Shreya Chatterjee
About the Author :
A writer by profession and a poet at will, apart from inventing newer ways of experimenting with creative expression.When not writing, she prefers traveling, reading books by fellow writers and reviewing the same . Her debut book "Musings of a Wanderer" has been reviewed, appreciated and featured by qualified professionals.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at " A Journey Called"

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