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Abhisek Panda(Founder)
A time comes in your life when you finally want to get it all. When in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out - ENOUGH! Enough of fighting and struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes you begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening, and mine...and this is me.Abhisek.....striving to be the best, as a friend, lover and above all, a good human being.
I have begun to reassessing and redefining who I really am and what I really stand for. I have learnt the difference between wanting and needing, and have started to discard the doctrines and values I have outgrown, and in the process learnt to go with my instincts. I have learnt how to love, how much to give in love, when to stop giving, and when to walk away. I know when not to project my needs or my feelings into a relationship. I want to be more intelligent, more lovable, or important because I would want to give my woman on my arm or the child that bears my name….the best of what is within me. I also want to be the best for my friends, to be there for them….in happiness, pain…through good times and bad. I believe that in life I will get what I deserve. I know that anything worth achieving is worth working for, and that wishing for something to happen is different from working towards making it happen. More importantly, I know that in order to achieve success, I need direction, discipline, and perseverance…. that no one can do it for me….its my dream to be the best film maker….and I know for sure, it will happen. I have started to take responsibility for myself, and try to make a promise to never betray myself and to never ever settle for less than my heart's desire….keep smiling, to keep trusting, and to stay open to every wonderful possibility….that comes my way.I am a Film Editor and CG Artist.Web design is my hobby & film-making my passion.Get a glimpse of my writing on my blog 'Abhisek's".

Alpana Jaiswal
I am a woman with no great family and friends mean the world to biggest support and critic is my daughter..and her approval is very important.Life has not been very easy,but now I have decided to live it to the fullest.I believe I would rather live in pain with dignity,rather than living without pain as a fool.I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations,nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.I am a dreamer,who dares to turn dreams into reality.There is no future, there is no past..I live this moment as my last. I accept my self for who I am it will help me on my life's journey and get me through all the problems—big and small—that may arise. By accepting myself, quirks and all, I recognized I needed little help from others too..I believe in love..and I know that I am loved..its my strength,motivation and the reason to be what I am today.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Motifs on the Wall".

         Satwinder Singh
I consider myself to be an analyst, but one who reads people and not numbers. You can call me an enthusiast, dreamer, achiever, team player, amateur writer, reader, motivator, optimist or anything you desire. My passions include Astronomy, Psychology, Blogging, Sleeping, Video Gaming, Watching Japanese anime, Eating, etc. Current affairs is my forte.
I have three major interest areas in life[as far as doing research is concerned] :
i)Japan ii) Indian Education System and iii) Relationships.
I have been a Nihon fan ever since I was in class 1. I love watching Japanese animation, movies and reading manga comics. I have also read extensively about Japan and Japanese culture, and I love researching things on Samurai and Ninjas. I also know basic Japanese, though I have not done any certification course in it. I intend to visit Japan sometime in the future.
Indian Education System:
Anyone who follows my blog will know how much I am involved into matters pertaining on the Indian education system. I believe at present, the Indian education system needs lots of reforms. The archaic practice of learning by rote, giving more importance to marks than knowledge, getting into the Engineering+MBA rat race, etc must be abolished and a new creative model must be established which gives importance to innovation and lateral thinking.
Okay, let me say beforehand that I am no expert when it comes to delicate matters such as love or relationships. But I am very curious about such issues. To elaborate, I like thinking on this epic question-‘Why do people do the things they do?’ ‘Why do people betray their loved ones?’ ‘Why do relationships break up?’ ‘Why do people fall for someone else in the middle of a relationship?’ Such questions and many more remain to be answered. And I am merely one of the answer seekers.

To conclude, you can say that I am a person who likes to think of the bigger picture, who focuses more on the Macro than the Micro aspects of things. Are we alone in this universe, or is there life present somewhere? How long will the Homo Sapiens species survive? What is the purpose of our existence? What is Love? Does God exist? I guess you get the picture. Looking forward to asking and answering such questions, using Blogs as a medium. Take care and Have fun.Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "Battles Are Forever".
Priyashmita Guha

I am who I enigma for some and an open book for others..a strict disciplinarian for some and a fun girl for others..a heartless authoritarian for some and the kindest friend for others..I am who I am..which sliver of me you see depends on you.
Manoj Kumar

Hey tired of writing jokes about myself all the time…now lemme write the facts.My life starts, ends and rolls around lies….as long as i'm happy and those lies dnt hurt ny one I doesn’t care abt dem and My enthusiasm brought me to WordPress to spread my saga of lies around the world. I aim to b a scientist in near future..pursuing medicine. I'm a gr8 aspirant to scale high peaks in life and make my parents proud f me. Had instinct to do sumthing for da poor. Had intrst 2 do sum experiments in da science fields nd i'm very lazy person at least 2 begin dem…I'm crazy guy. lil interested in photography.Captures nature in my cam all the time. I like riding my Fazer along the highway bunking the classes.Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "Just Another Dot".

Souvick Mazumder

I am a not a bird, but I wanna be. I am not a fantastic writer, but I wanna be. I am not a photographer but I wanna be. I trust in 'not' and I believe in 'yes'. Just another human being who is on his way to convert 'A Souvick Mazumder' to 'The Souvick Mazumder'.Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "An Idealist's Diary".

        Kriti Mukherjee

My name is Kriti meaning successful. Needless to say I am still waiting for the name to have its effect on my life : ). While that happens I keep myself occupied with love, books, food and a wishful traveling list. I absolutely love to write as well and am really glad to have been given this opportunity. Would love to know I didn't bore you to death after you read my article.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "How About This".

        Rimly Bezbarua

I am the "Queen of Tragedy". That's what most people who know me tell me. I believe that the root of all beautiful poetry is pain. "Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thoughts".Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Journey".

There is a certain fascination Life holds; defined in a splash of colours of despair, faith, love, conflict, happiness and a sense of awareness. My Life is a maze, a tangled web of emotions, thoughts and feelings I write down so I can breathe. I am not at the end of my journey. Each passing moment is a journey in itself. My writings reflect my journey and I share my life through this. A gypsy through Life, my journey is endless, my day here, a pause, before I become aware of what more.

Anirban Saha

On a melancholic note , I am a wanderer with two pockets full of hope and despair. Hope of making it BIG one day… Despair of not having done that yet!
Typically the way I introduce myself the each time… Friends, I am a Friend, Dreamer, Enthusiast, Photographer.. Blogger, Crazy, Bong… A Techie at office.. a pure stupid philosopher at heart!Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "Anirban Saha's".

Kavya Dugar
I am Kavya Dugar. I am a student of 9th grade.My passion is to read and sing. I love to read fictions (specially mystery and horror).I am a very curious person. My favourite books are,novels by Nancy drew, Twilight, Harry potter and Wuthering heights.
When I grow up, I want to be a psychiatrist plus a politician as I wanna improve my country. I believe India has a lot of potential within just needs a little push. I want to do something for my country and for my people. I wanna erradicate all the wrongs from our country like poverty and corruption.One thing I hate, is the increasing rate of crimes. Everyday we hear of murders,robberies, chain snatching and many more terrifying incidents. Are we not supposed to live in peace?
I also like to write my own stories. Writing gives me great pleasure. I believe that writing is one way to express our feelings and emotions. It brings out our inner self.

Joyee Bhattacharya
I am Joyee Bhattacharya. I am 14. A student. And, I'm in love with life! :-)
So, My passion, love and passtime has been writing since a very young age. And, the fact that I'm a pretty decent writer is all heriditary material, From my grandad to my mom and my aunt and now its on me!
The first time I actually wrote something was when I was in 6th grade, just two years back. Technically 3 now, since I'm getting promoted on 9th in April and its almost March now!
What I wrote was a little poem when I was bored because I was reading something about poetry. (Yeah, I'm an avid reader too!) Surprisingly (then), The poem turned out to be pretty good and I was proud of myself! Initially, I started writing through poetry. I still have bunches of loose sheets and torn journals with little poems written in them, be it sonnets, haiku's or pantoums, I wrote all! I'll think of putting them up someday on my blog. I'd get some feedback then!
Anyways, More about me?
I'm very short tempered. (Thanks to my younger brother!) I
I 'HAD' a singer's voice before, as my music teacher said, Melting honey. Which, after I left singing is burnt bread. Actually, Its still there, but, I dont really have time to sit and sing!
I am very possesive about my mobile.
I prefer wearing chappals than anything in the world. Really. My mom forces me to wear my converse or my sandals or my bellies. But, I NEVER wear them.
Currently, I want to grow up and become an FBI secret agent! Like, A FEMALE JAMES BOND! Cool, eh?
I have a good sense of humour!
I love to cook! I just love making food, exotic kinds. Which require tons of hardwork. (I take the recipes from Nigella books, what else do you expect out of her recipes?)
I love music. Im a music worm! (Is that even a word?) I love all genres. But, Metal and Hard Rock, Uhmm..Its a bit off the limelight!
I'm a HORRIBLE dancer. But, I still love it! I start dancing like a retard all the time!
I love my family. :-)
I love my friends. :-)
I love me. :-)

Sumit Chakraborty
Sometimes Serious, Reserved, Quiet, Thoughtful, Mature. Most of the times, a complete whacko, exciting, funny. That's me. I'm an amateur writer, who loves to write about emotions. Human beings have six kinds of emotions, broadly classified into fear, joy, love, sadness, surprise and anger. I just try out my best to let you all experience a tinge of all of them. Fiction is not my thing as of now, i love reality and living in reality. I believe, the lessons that life teaches us itself cannot be taught even I the world’s most premier institutes. Life is the greatest teacher itself. I love, love. That means, i love to write about love. This is one of the craziest things that happen to us, in our lifetimes. I aspire to write at least "One complete book", as i have promised “someone” i would. Considerably new the blogging environment, trying my best to catch up.Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "Emoverse"
That's me, Simple. :)

Simran Kaur
I am Simran Kaur. I am a straight forward girl.I think life is just as we see it, as we take it. Just like few people say , Life is boring, few say it's tough , few say it's complicated , few of them says they love their life , and I am one of them :) . Yes, Life is complicated ,life is tough , life is journey full of up and downs , It's a crossroad ! We have to choose a right side and it depends upon us how we handle it!. OK let's return back to my introduction ;)
I like writing poems . I always try to do something different and special from others ..And when people appreciate my work It gives me inner- satisfaction.
I like listening music , whenever I get free time..Love to listen melodies :)
I am also good at singing , people says that :-p
I am very creative and artistic . Whenever I get a chance I give my best .
Love travelling to different destinations . Having Lot's of sweet friends that made my life more cheerful and beautiful!
Having big ambitions and determination to make them true!!
I love my family ,they are everything for me and I am everything for them too :)

Sonam Tobgay

I am a naked figure, striped of my literary apparels. Rested thoughts,i command them to run, but my unshielded literary skills falls at the mere tide of inexperience and ignorance.I stand here with this quirky situation quizzed of who i am actually and who people around me see as. Life has tasted in numerous occasions, and yet, i stand with no answer to call myself as someone bruised by jolts of karma and teased by twirls of fate. All along i followed the path without knowing where it leads and i am yet to unearth the secret of my journey. I endeavor to hide myself in the shelters of my unexpressed feelings commanded in building the immortal words which would live to define me in days to come.....Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "And There's More to Life".

                Sulekha Rawat

My name is Sulekha and I am also known as Lucks. Writing is my passion and I am happy to be a part of this community of wonderful writers. I have been writing the story of my life in my head, for the past four decades and am ready to put it down on paper now. I love books, music and movies. I believe in Destiny and Karma.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Memoirs"

Vaisakhi Mishra

hmm meet n greet world...i follow it quite extrovert...child at heart...being crushed in engineer's mill right reading books...a music maniac and sports freak and believe if paving my own path...:)....tats me in short.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Solitary Soul".

Melissa Tandoc
Born with a greek name "honey" a spanish named couple, "corazon" (heart) and "amado" (beloved)...we live in the atrium of my country... ...a former missionary of north africa... raised in the school of happiness in the path of pain... am taking up a crash course on forgiveness... and i hope to get my diploma in the university of love...
my love calls himself "God hears"... and i pray one day, i'll live with him in the "City of God"...I call myself a "citizen of the world".Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Depth".

Anushka Maitra
Writing about your own self - I think - is the hardest of all. I don’t really have any special reason for thinking so. It’s something that I just feel. You might exaggerate, you might say too little, you might say way too much or you might just say nothing at all.
There's so much to tell, and so much not to tell. So much to write, and so much not to write. Plenty to think, plenty not to think. A lot to worry about, and very little not to worry about. And many to be loved, touched and forgotten. There are so many things I don't understand about myself. And when I don't understand things, I get nervous. When I get nervous, I cannot think about anyone but myself. I become selfish and self-centered, and without meaning to, I end up hurting the people I love the most. So you can see, I'm not such a wonderful human being.
I do things without thinking at all. I jump in to the very wrong conclusions. My friends say I'm erratic, impossible, eccentric, irrational and just way too much to tolerate. But then again, they are the souls that make up my world. They are the ones who've filled my life with love and euphoria. They are the ones I look up to and depend up on when I'm in deep despair. They tell me when I behave foolishly and do things that I never should have done. They don't flatter me. They help me escape the world of fiction. My cousin, uncle and brother have - and forever will be - my pillar of support. I owe much to them for their aid and guidance. And it is for these people, that I've made mistakes and been able to carefully overcome them, and become what I am right now.
I am not perfect, like everyone else. I spill water, I break things, I lose expensive gifts, I have the worst mood swings ever, I create a lot of trouble, et cetera. In a nutshell, I'm a mess! So, I would never say, I'm the best. But I would say, I'm not the worst. That I'm not a bad person.

Jorie Pacli
I began travelling not long ago, became hooked to it and so I started a blog about my personal travels around Asia in particular.My work has no relation to travel but I usually don't reveal any of this info. for now. I love writing as much as I love expressing myself. I would love to contribute any article that I probably will write to We Have A Story platform as these articles may not relate to my travel blog. I have followed most of the stories in We Have A Story and I really commend you for a job well done in coming up with such medium for self-expression. I'm excited to have my pen writing and my thoughts rolling for ideas to write. 

Anshul Gautam
Torn apart, the sadness mart,With zeal so high, but lips so dry
Feathers to fly, and evils to deny,I long to say, that it is today,
The day light so bright, making thoughts ignite,
And I bring them out, with my pen so pout.
Expressions & Observations,Teachings & Meanings,
I Bag them for my colourings,May be faint somewhere,
But honest everywhere.
Not as a writer, but like a fighter,I don’t look back, my weapons intact.
Words that follow, from the path so narrow,Won’t make you blow, so let me make you know, It is divine, from the throbbing heart of mine,Emotions so fiery, Free from fury,I share them at wehaveastory.Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "Anshul Gautam's".
Jokes 'n' Fun; Family 'n' Friends
Books 'n' Movies; Drives 'n' Music
Love 'n' Passion; Smiles 'n' Tear
That’s me, Simple 'n' Clear
Sunita Kurup
I love my life in its entity. It is not full of good circumstances, but when I look back it is certainly rich with experiences. I completed my graduation and also did a MBA from an International Business School, against all odds, but I still believe Life is the biggest university where I am still a student. I am a Believer and completely believe in my God. I believe it is His battle and He will surely win.
I don’t know how to swim and I am dizzy of heights, but I love under sea diving and sky diving. Food is a fantasy so I love to eat as much as I love to cook. My biggest competitor is Me. I love to beat myself each time. I smile and laugh as easily I cry and sob. I say sorry very soon and forgive even sooner. I am not a feminist, but a strong believer in equal human rights. I like to pay my own coffee bills even when I am with a man, and I believe men should have boys night out even after marriage as much as girls should continue having pajama parties. I have strong opinion about women being mistreated but at the same time I would fight for a man who is tortured by his wife. I love to share my experiences and wish a lot that people learn from them. Writing is not a hobby; it is a way of life for me. It is a passion which helps me re- live my life.My biggest compliment is when people tell me they want to be like me, but being modest I do tell them, “Be yourself and you will see that you are even better than me".Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Sukupedia".

Deborah McConnell
We know ourselves better than anyone else but, when it comes time for us to talk about ourselves
we freeze and find it a difficult task to do. I’ve often wondered why it is hard to talk about yourself to
others, possibly the fear of saying too much and boring the reader with talk of me, me... me. With that
being said, it is now time to bore you to pieces.
I am no one special just an average woman that has lived in sunny Florida since the day I was born, I
enjoy the simple things in life and tend to keep the littlest of things as if they were treasures from an
ancient ruin.
One of my biggest fears is endings I have found myself closing a book before reading the end, don’t
worry I eventually finish them but I end them when I am ready for the ending. I don’t do well with good
byes and I get disappointed in myself when I can’t help, or be there for someone that I care about when
they need me. I put others before me and want to save everyone. I love deeply and treasure every
friendship as if it’s the only friend I’ll ever have.
I have always been a thinker and a dreamer with enough common sense to separate the dreams from
reality, until I had the wonderful illusion of living my own fairytale love story. Watching it fade left me
with an empty void that I‘ve been learning to live with, were I use writing as my crutch.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Scattered Musings".

Shreya Chatterjee

A writer by profession and a poet at will, apart from inventing newer ways of experimenting with creative expression.Se has been writing for reputed journals and magazines, for some time. When not writing, she prefers traveling, reading books by fellow writers and reviewing the same . Her debut book "Musings of a Wanderer" has been reviewed, appreciated and featured by qualified professionals.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at “A journey called”.

Sowmya Swaminathan
I am from Singaara Chennai :) Am an under-grad Commerce student by choice and a writer at heart.I have been blogging since August 2011. Writing has been my passion right from my childhood. My articles have also been published in the Nxg(The Hindu newspaper's Thursday supplement). Am also a passionate debater. I love to debate on anything and everything. Am a book worm too, no not a "nerd"-I mean I love reading novels, poetry and fiction(and not my College books of course :P:D). Am a total sucker for fantasy and rom-coms. You guessed it right-Am a true blue Harry Potter fan!!! Apart from that, am a cricket aficionado. Also into Cricket Journalism whenever time permits. Am a music lover, channel hopper, and an enthusiastic foodie. I love gorging on delicacies and often end up eating third helpings of everything :) So, that's all about this simple Chennai gal, who loves Mother India.Cheers!!!Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "My Space".

Anirban Sengupta
Prefers to forever be the dust in the eye of his readers. He is an avid hater of quite a few conventions and traditions and is pretty vocal about his hatred. Many tend to hate him for his hatred. He prefers to mostly write for himself and also for the folks who accidentally hit upon his writing. Even though he has been writing poems for over a decade he prefers not to call himself a poet as he is still in the dark about the true source and definition of poetry. Oh yeah , he hates all the guys who have previously tried to define poetry except one : W.H Auden ! When high he keeps repeating what Auden wrote :  For poetry makes nothing happen: it survives In the valley of its making where executives Would never want to tamper, flows on south From ranches of isolation and the busy griefs, Raw towns that we believe and die in; it survives, A way of happening, a mouth. This is the mantra guiding Anirban's poetry. When it comes to prose he is much more open minded and prefers experimenting with a wide array of themes & topics.Get a glimpse of his writing on his blog at "Dust In The Eye".

Suvanjana Ghosh

I am a technical writer and language translator by profession. Work in an IT sector is dry and routine but I spice it up with a regular dose of penning articles that come straight from the heart. I am usually interested in writing short stories that highlight some intricate aspect of human relationships. Being married for some years now, my intrigue about the institution of marriage seems to increase each day. I love weaving stories around everyday characters and incidents.Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at "Riding The Rainbow Of Life".

Tania Mukherjee

I am a WAHM and resemble the circus juggler. Multitasking is my specialty. Full time Mom and a Full time Freelance writer my hands are more than full.I will be writing about parenting, home, food, clutter, thermostat, princesses, parties, celebs—in short anything and everything that a Mother of the family is usually concerned about.My life is happy with a loving husband and a 30-month-old son. Previously I was the director at a SEO Company, prior to that a Teacher, before that a Banker and before that…I cannot remember anymore.I love to sip: Infusion and homemade ginger ale.In BongSoccerMom I talk about parenting and helping other parents on their journey.

Nilanjana Bose
I could start by telling you that I am passionate about words. I could then go on and say that I have written and published my first collection of short fiction in Bengali and am working on my second book. I could further fess up that I switch, like many others, between my mother tongue and English, but I'd be totally clueless if you asked me why each seems the perfect medium at any given point of time. That I have weird, obsessive ways of measuring my life out in word counts and pages. That I believe books, not clothes, maketh men, and women. I could go on and on, about how I love travelling, or parenting, or a good strong cup of coffee paired with a good read blah blah blah. But I won't bother you with all that tediousness. Read my stuff here and then come find me at Madly-in-Verse. You'll have to manage your own coffee, but I'll give you good chunky words to go with it, as many or as few as you want.

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