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A King above; mean beasts below,
Trapped in between am I- 
A life painted with shades of valour and love, 
Torn between duty and desire. 

Lying in a pit where 
Sorrows pelt down on a stoic face, 
Bloody foam of weary wars 
Come whizzing through the air. 

Remembering a face, with smiling lips, 
Bright trembling eyes filled with faith. 
Departest I, with thy grief on my cheek, 
Heart wilting with fear of the fate I seek. 

Sadistic me, dauntless in war- 
I'm no cavalier worth you at all. 
With plume of charge of the state, 
I am just a protector with no lover's fate. 

O Princess dear, waste no bead of tear 
For an animal of war, provider of Death. 
Set your heart on a worthy soul; 
For our love lies in a forbidden zone. 

Remember O Love, 
For I'm forced by luck 
To dance on a double edged sword 
Of Duty - so cold. 


8 comments so far..What are your thoughts?

  1. Welcome to WE HAVE A STORY..Vaisakhi,my instincts are never this one..and will look forward to more.

  2. @alpana- thanku so much 4 considrin me as a part of this bloggers' group...hope i never let u down...thanx a lot.:)

  3. your writing really has a true high thought of pain of love bounded by duty of trust. loved to read it.

  4. @sancheeta-thanku so much....glad u liked it..:)

  5. Awesome start Vaisakhi....duty and desire wow....will look forward to more :)

  6. Great start Vaisakhi :)
    Loved it!

  7. @abhishek and simran-feels gto be welcomed like this...glad u liked it....thanku so much....:)

  8. wow..liked it..short and crisp


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